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2 Year Class

Our 2 year room offers 12 morning and 12 afternoon places to 2 year olds who meet the government’s 2 year funding criteria. Our places are offered during term times. Children are offered either 5 morning (8.45-11.45) sessions or 5 afternoon sessions (12.15-3.15).

Our room is staffed by qualified and experienced early year practitioners and benefits from all of the support and expertise that a nursery school can offer. We strive to offer the same high quality provision for our 2 year olds as we do our 3 and 4 year olds. The curriculum that we follow is the Governments EYFS. We deliver this through the High Scope methodology with our emphasis on children’s exploration, creativity, thinking skills, problem solving and independence.

Daily Plan

Morning Afternoon    
8:45-9:00 12:15-12:30 Greeting Time Children are greeted by their Early Years Practitioners
9.00-9.30 12.30-1.00 Breakfast/Lunch times
Children are given a breakfast or light lunch.
9:30-9:40 1.00-1:10 Small Group Time The children explore and learn with their Early Years Practitioners
9:40-9:45 1:10-1.15 Planning Time The children plan what they are going to do in work time
9:45-11:15 1.15-2:40 Work Time
The children follow their plans and interests. Includes snack time
11:15-11:25 2:40-2:50 Tidy Away Time Everyone tidies up
11:25-11:30 2:50-2:55 Recall Time The children recall what they did during work time
11:30-11:45 2:55-3:10 Singing & Stories The children enjoy stories and songs
11:45 3:15 End of Session  


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