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Daily Plan

Morning Afternoon    
8:00-8:45   Breakfast Session Children can attend for breakfast for a charge of £1
8:45-9:00 12:15-12:30 Greeting Time Children are greeted by their teachers
9:00-9:20 12:30-12:50 Small Group Time The children explore and learn with their teachers
9:20-9:35 12:50-1:05 Planning Time The children plan what they are going to do in work time
9:35-10:55 1:05-2:25 Work Time The children follow their plans and interests
10:55-11:05 2:25-2:35 Tidy-up Time Everyone tidies up
11:05-11:20 2:35-2:50 Recall Time The children recall what they did during work time
11:20-11:45 2:50-3:15 Singing & Stories The children enjoy stories and songs
11:45 3:15 End of Session  
11:45-12:15   Lunchtime Lunch is a two course meal 

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