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Accidents and Emergencies

In the event of any accident or emergency we will contact you immediately, so please keep us up to date of any changes in either your address or mobile/telephone number. Any accidents are recorded and you will be asked to sign the accident book and given a copy to signify that you have been informed of the accident.


Children that attend our school are below statutory school age and do not have the same legal requirements to attend every session that they are booked in for. However we consider regular attendance to be crucial as this impacts upon each child’s attainment. We acknowledge that children of this age are susceptible to illness. We ask that you inform us when your child is ill by either ringing or emailing before 9.30am or 1pm. If we have not had a message, we will ring you to confirm why your child is absent from school.


The nursery is designed so that people and children with disabilities may enjoy our facilities and engage in a range of learning opportunities. We understand the importance of recognising and valuing every individual in the school. We are committed to working continuously towards equality and opportunity for all.

Local Authority Complaints

Wherever possible concerns expressed by parents about the school curriculum or related matters will be dealt with in the first instance by informal discussion with teachers or the Head teacher. However, there will be occasions when such concerns can not be resolved informally so the County Council has set up a formal complaints procedure which offers a clearly understood route for claims of this nature. A policy setting out the procedure is available in the school office. A copy can be given to any person wishing to make a complaint under these arrangements. The complaints procedure for the 2 year room is displayed within their room.

Medical Care

We believe that it is in the best interest of all children in the school, that children who are ill should be kept away from school. We take our guidance from the Health Protection Agency ‘Guidance on infection control in schools and other child care settings.’ However we do recognise that there may be times when children require medication to be administered during their time in school. We will only administer medication that has been prescribed for your child in accordance with our Medications Policy.

Our Responsibilities Regarding Child Abuse

It is the responsibility of all staff to share with the Head teacher any concerns of possible abuse to any child in our care. This includes non-accidental injury, neglect, physical, emotional and sexual abuse. There may be times when our concerns have to be passed on to Social Care. Please understand that in such circumstances we will only be acting in what we believe to be the child’s best interests.

Record Keeping

We keep a record of your child’s learning journey in your child’s own Special Book. This book contains photographs, work that your child has done and written observations that capture your child’s progress. We encourage parents to add to their child’s Special Book. We also record your child’s progress against the Development Matters part of the Early Years Foundation Stage Guidance. We invite parents to attend a more formal meeting to discuss their child’s progress each term.

Sweatshirts and T-shirts

There are some very messy activities in the nursery school so please send your child in washable clothes. All items of clothing should be named. The school cannot be held responsible for the loss of personal possessions. Sweatshirts or polo-shirts may be purchased from the office at a cost of £6.50 each.

Additional Sessions

All three year olds are entitled to 15 hours free education from the Government. Our school offers these hours as five, three hour sessions. The majority of children take these sessions as either five mornings or five afternoons. We have a small number of places that can be taken flexibly, for example over two and a half days. Space permitting, parents can buy additional sessions at a cost of £10 per 3 hour session. 2 year olds who meet the Government eligibility criteria, are also entitled to 15 hrs free education.

Collection from School

When your child first starts the school, we ask you to record the people who you expect will be collecting your child. If this changes through the year please inform us. If someone who you haven’t recorded is going to collect please tell us in advance. If someone comes for your child who we do not know has permission to collect, we will ring you up to confirm this. If there is anyone who is not allowed to collect your child, please put this information in writing.

Health and Safety in the School

Please inform staff of any allergies or medical conditions your child may have.

We have produced a practical guide to health and safety in the nursery to support adults in becoming familiar with the basic areas. There is also a complete school policy document, located in the school office, which goes into greater detail and is available for reference. We would like to encourage all adults to take personal responsibility for what happens in the nursery and if there are any questions or observations you might have, please offer them to a member of staff.

Lunch Time

The school offers a lunch time session which can be purchased by parents. The session is for half an hour. The two course, nutritionally appropriate lunch is provided by Zenas Top Nosh, a local supplier of school meals. Lunch sessions cost £4.15 and are paid for a half term in advance.

Milk and Snacks

Free milk is available for all children. We have a snack table where children can help themselves to milk or water throughout the session and share healthy snacks. We ask parents to contribute fruit and vegetables to the snack table. Children in the 2 year class have a breakfast or lunch provided. Water is available to drink at all times. Additionally all children have a drink of water or milk at recall times to make sure their hydration needs are met during the day. If your child has any allergic reactions to milk or other foods please inform their key-person.

Personal Accident Insurance for Pupils

The insurance market offers personal accident cover for pupils 24 hrs a day. Parents may not be aware of this and if they wish to avail themselves of this cover for their children then they should make enquiries with insurance brokers or companies directly.

Special Needs

All children have individual needs. However in some cases the needs may be special. These may range from the child who is particularly gifted to one who is experiencing some learning difficulties and in need of more support and encouragement. In most cases these needs will be met by the nursery school staff. However, occasionally after consultation with parents, we may seek support from other specialised education services such as our Educational Psychologist or Speech Therapist.

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