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School Improvement Plan

For the academic year 2015-2016, there are three main priorities for the school. These take into account our progress towards previous priorities, the school’s current position and the national and local agenda around the Early Years.

Priority 1: To continue to increase the quality of teaching and learning in all areas, but especially in Mathematics and writing.

Maintaining a very high quality of teaching is essential to maintaining our ‘outstanding’ Ofsted grade. This year we will be improving our intervention teaching by using teachers to deliver the support.


1.1  To organise staffing to allow teachers to provide the intervention support for the most able children and the children requiring support. Also by organising the staffing to timetable a teacher in the 2 year class and the Head teacher to teach in each class.
1.2  To continue to develop data moderation, began last year with the Lincolnshire Nursery Schools and also with our feeder schools.
1.3  To enrich the curriculum by providing external expertise to enhance the learning of both the children and the staff.
1.4  To rejuvenate the outside area.

Priority 2: To develop partnerships and joint working opportunities with other schools, childminders and PVI’s and to work with the Lincolnshire Nursery Schools to develop the Lincolnshire Nursery Schools Partnership (LNSP).


2.1  To write, have approved and implement a memorandum of understanding between the Lincolnshire Nursery Schools.
2.2  To organise training within the LNSP and to offer it to our local childminders, PVI’s and schools.
2.3 To work with the LNSP to develop Initial Teacher Training provision.

Priority 3: To engage the parents more effectively.


3.1  To achieve better attendance (over 90% in all classes) at the 3 parent meetings throughout the year.
3.2  To have better engagement with the parents, especially within the 2 year class in order that we can support with their parenting skills.
3.3  To communicate news and events more effectively with the parents.
3.4  To improve the attendance of children at the school and our support to the families to achieve this.

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