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Story Sacks

A story sack is a sack that contains a story book, props for that story and a relevant non-fiction book. The idea of these sacks, which originally came from Neil Griffiths, is to make a story come to life, to help young children begin a life long love of stories and books. We have been very lucky to have had Neil visit us at school in the past and our collection began over 10 years ago.

We have over one hundred titles in two collections; one collection is for loaning to parents and carers whose children attend Gainsborough Nursery School and the other collection is for use at the Gainsborough Early Years Centre and for loan to other nurseries, playgroups, child-minders and schools.

Most of the sacks have been made by a team of parents and grand-parents. This team meets on alternate Tuesdays during term times at the nursery school. Everyone is invited to join this group. We need people who can sew, knit, make models, word process, shop and many other skills. If you feel that you would like to be a part of this group in whatever way, then do join us, you will be made very welcome. Details of the dates of meetings are displayed in the entrance.

Home Loans

Story sacks are available to be loaned at anytime. The sacks can be loaned out for a week during term times. The system is that you choose a sack from the Home Loan section, you record the sack number, date and your child's name on the loan sheet. You then return the sack to the numbered pegs in the corridor outside the school office and record the date that you returned the sack. Please remember that the story sacks are not toys and should be used by the child and an adult or older child.

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