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Vision and Value Statement

The Governors and staff of the school, all share in the same vision and values for the school.

Vision Statement:

Gainsborough Nursery School will be a centre of excellence for early years education.

Value Statement:

At Gainsborough Nursery School, we meet the needs of each child through providing a rich, diverse curriculum and learning environment. We aim to provide a secure, warm and happy learning environment which supports all children and their families.

At Gainsborough Nursery School, we value all children. We believe that each child is unique. By embracing the High Scope philosophy and through offering a welcoming, nurturing, happy, safe and stimulating environment that is based on secure educational principles, we encourage each child to achieve their full potential.

We recognise the important and yet sometimes challenging role that parents have in bringing-up and educating their children. We aim to work together with all families. We listen carefully and try to respond to the needs of our families, supporting them in educating and cherishing their child.


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