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We are legally required to work with the Early Years Foundation Stage framework, which supports children’s learning, development and welfare. Learning and development is divided into 3 Prime areas of learning and 4 Specific areas. These are listed below with some examples of what this looks like at our nursery school:

Prime Areas:

1. Personal, Social and Emotional Development: you  will see children working together to solve problems.

2. Communication and Language: you will see a group of children listening to a story.

3. Physical Development: you will see children jumping off our climbing wall and landing safely.

Specific Areas:

1. Literacy: you will see children experimenting with mark making and writing.

2. Mathematics: you will see children weighing out ingredients as they follow a recipe.

3. Understanding the World: you will see children observing and talking about the eggs that we hatch in Spring.

4. Expressive Arts and Design: you will see children constructing a den.